How To Make $2000 On YouTube – Top 3 Ways To Make Money On YouTube That Actually Work

How To Make $2000 On YouTube – Top 3 Ways To Make Money On YouTube That Actually Work

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Hey what’s up guys, in this video I show the top 3 ways to make money on youtube.

I’ve made thousands of dollars leveraging this video platform and if you want to do the same, follow what I share with you in this video.

1. YouTube Ads

You can simply make money on youtube by enabling ads on your videos that you create. These earnings will come from google adwords. It takes a LOT of views to make some good money, but don’t let that stop you. Simply commit to the process and get better.

2. E-mail marketing

Building an email list is a crucial step to growing a business online. If you’re a serious entrepreneur, you must get an email autoresponder and start growing your list by generating leads. You can do this by creating a free offer and give it away in exchange for people’s email address.

3. Affiliate marketing

Alright, now it’s time to start selling stuff to make money on youtube. You can do this easily my promoting other people’s stuff and making a commission from it. There are plenty of affiliate networks out there that you can sign up to for free and start promoting right away.

If you take this serious, and just decide you’re going to do it, you absolutely can make money on YouTube. And, not a small amount, but a life altering amount.

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