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Female Urination Device, Portable Silicone Urinal Funnel with Extension Tube & Disposable Urine Bags, Reusable Womens Pee Funnel for Travel, Festivals, Camping, Includes Carry Bag, Carabiner

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Product Description


Female urination device that allows you to urinate while standing up

Ladies, do you cringe at the thought of having to use public restrooms or porta-potty? Unfortunately, our reality is that we have to deal with these nasty toilets.

Story time, we were out on a road trip and really really need to Pee. We usually don’t have much choice but to find porta potty.

This Female Urination Device makes things so much easier!


Practice makes perfect

Practice at home when you first get your urinal to get used to peeing standing up.

Just hold the pee funnel against your body, forming a seal.

Then you just relax and start peeing. Be mindful of controlling your flow, so there is no leakage.

Once you are done, you just rinse the urination device with a bit of water from your water bottle to clean it.

Then shake it dry, pop it back into its storage pouch.


Made from FDA approved medical grade silicone with anti-dust coating.

Reusable, waterproof, hygienic, easy to clean and odor-free. Comes with waterproof carry bag.

Compact, Discreet, Hygienic & Easy to clean.

“FRONT” marked for positioning and to feel in the dark.

Beveled tip for greater outflow volume. No Splash, Leaks or Spills!


Perfect for hiking and for road trips

Carrying case, instructions and silicone extension tube included, and two disposable urine bags for you. Ideal and convenient solution in emergencies.

Silicone extension tube helps you adapt to different occasions, no need to take off your pants, Don’t worry about not finding a place to pee!

Say goodbye to infection prone dirty public toilets and long potty queues. We needed to find a solution that was discrete, easy, and clean.

It’s totally a game changer for whenever you’re in the woods.

You don’t have to worry about squatting with your pants around your ankles and your whole bottom being exposed, or the dreaded urine driblets that splash into your pants/shoes when you ordinarily would have to squat down.

Pregnant mother’s daily necessities

Many pregnant mothers have such distress in the third trimester, and it is difficult to go to the toilet. Pregnant women squat on the toilet for a long time and easily oppress the baby to cause fetal hypoxia. Sitting on the toilet is prone to cross infection, especially public toilets. Now you only need a silicone funnel that can be easily solved.

The welfare of a female explorer

No squatting in port a potty or nasty gas station restroom. Now you don’t have to worry about using dirty public toilet facilities or risking safety, because with one of these handy devices – Great for travelers, camping, road trips, concerts, hiking, and well for females who like to be prepared.

Great for little girls too!

You can even stop by on the side of the road and have her pee. haha has made this mommas life easier!







Humanized design

Women’s urinals, extension tubes are made of food-grade materials, do not contain harmful substances, prevent odors, and are easy to clean.

Wide cup to accommodate more volume and with ends folded inside to prevent overflow spills.

Intuitive to use

Designed to be discreet With a nice long silicone extension tube that keeps everything away from your clothing and shoes too. Pretty simple, huh?

Pee funnel is simple and intuitive to use and will work with a variety of different bottle sizes.

Don’t worry about collapse

Women’s urinal is small, light and foldable so you can take it anywhere anytime as it fits easily in your purse, pocket, and glove compartment.

The silicon is flexible and easily folds into its little pouch for storage after using.







Easy to carry

Store the funnel in its stylish water-resistant carrying bag equipped with a drawstring to secure it easily. Use carabiner clip and attach to your backpack.

Easy to clear

1. The portable pee funnel cleaning is very simple, shake it a little, and clean it with water or soapy water.

2. After use simply throw the funnel & carry bag can also be put into the washing machine and let air dry.

But hey, who said peeing in the car shouldn’t be?

Commonly used at Music Festivals, Boating, concert, all types of traveling, road trip. If in a car, you do have to crunch yourself up against the dash/feet area so you have the height you need to have a bottle and then the female urination device sitting atop—all the while being under you so you can go.

💕 QUALITY MATERIAL& HEALTH CARE: The female pee funnel and extension tubes are made of flexible silicone (such as a pacifier) to prevent odors, soft against skin, yet firm to handle, safer and easier to clean. Thickened female urinal is wide, not easily deformed, urine will not leak to pants and hands.
💕 PUBLIC BATHROOM SOLUTION: Portable, Discreet, funnel-shaped female urination device. A way for my lady to pee outdoors and standing up without squatting in an awkward (such as dirty toilets, poison ivy). Let women to go anywhere – hiking, porta potty, concerts, camping, boating, skiing and more!
💕 EASY TO USE AND RELIABLE: Simply hold the Reusable Female Urinal against your body to form a seal, aim and go, without leaks or mess. After using it’s easy to rinse off and store. Lightweight & Durable. You need to stay relaxed while using the urine cup. Practice once to get the hang of it.
💕 INCLUDED FOR FREE – 2 DISPOSABLE URINE BAGS, CARABINER AND CARRY BAG – Great for traveling and a must have for outdoor activities or anywhere with limited or dirty bathrooms. Store the funnel in its own water-resistant carrying bag, or totes, purses, pockets, no one will find out what it is.

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Female Urination Device, Portable Silicone Urinal Funnel with Extension Tube & Disposable Urine Bags, Reusable Womens Pee Funnel for Travel, Festivals, Camping, Includes Carry Bag, Carabiner


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